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This site was originally developed the fall of the year 2001 as a means of communicating classroom events and homework with my 6th grade students and their parents.  As my teaching assignment changed, the web site evolved.  The emphasis changed  from on-line classroom communication to on-line access.  With the World Wide Web being so infinitesimal, parents, teachers, and students need places they can go where on-line learning activities are organized in such a way that they can be found quickly and easily. 

The Goal

To offers students, parents, and teachers, a gateway to age appropriate on-line learning activities. 


This site contains links arranged by grade level and subject

Please note that this site is a gateway to the great World Wide Web and although I have checked the content of each site, content can change. If you see a dead link or something that's inappropriate, please let me know.


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This site is the creation of A. House.
Originally published August 2001
Updated 08/23/2004